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We have a lot of evidence now that tells us that meditating is good for us. Many of us though have grown up in a culture that tends to separate the mind from the body. We may feel that meditation helps us mentally but struggle to see how that could have an effect on ou...

October 23, 2016

An online search for images of mindfulness conjures up pictures that suggest calm, peace and serenity.  The reality, as many who have engaged in the practice will attest, is usually quite different.

We sit and prepare ourselves for a mindfulness practice. Our intention...

I was recently leading a mindfulness session on the beach in my local town of Whitley Bay.  As we walked and moved mindfully we were surrounded by the sounds of the crashing waves, wind, dogs barking and a sports coach shouting instructions and encouragement.  One lady...

Working as a psychologist in pain management, on several occasions I have been asked whether I think a person's pain is 'in their mind'. When we think about it, this is an odd question.  The possibility that pain could be 'in the mind' implies that it may be imaginary,...

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March 23, 2019

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