Hi, I'm Chris Penlington.  I am trained as a Clinical Psychologist and I work part-time within a Pain Management Service. I have 16 years experience of working to help people with long term conditions, including pain, become effective at managing their conditions. I provide teaching to NHS staff about the same topic.
I started to meditate in 2010 and have found it immensely helpful in my own life. As part of my MSc thesis in Mindfulness Studies with the University of Aberdeen I have developed, led and evaluated a successful pain management course based on a compassion focused model and mindfulness practices.
I work therapeutically with individuals and small groups of people experiencing challenges both with mental and physical health. I use a person-centred approach, with interventions informed by Compassion Focused Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.
I am trained as a Mindfulness teacher by the Mindfulness Association, and now assist with delivery of the Mindfulness Association 1 year Mindfulness training pathway in Newcastle.  I also regularly run drop in Mindfulness sessions in Cullercoats and occasional 8 week Mindfulness Based Living courses. I am interested in how Mindfulness can help us to become familiar with some of our habitual patterns of mind, and how we can use this awareness to guide many of the choices we make in life.