About Us

About Us

Mindfulness Teacher

Louisa Taylor

Chris Penlington

Clinical Psychologist and Mindfulness Teacher

Resilience, Stress Management and Mindfulness Trainer.

Juliet Graves

Mindfulness and Yoga teacher

Sally Roach

Emma Haslam

Mindfulness Teacher

Graeme Armstrong

Mindfulness Trainer and

Relationship Counsellor.

We are a group of mindfulness teachers trained by the Mindfulness Association.  At a minimum we have completed a one year mindfulness training and teacher training pathway conferring competency in teaching mindfulness.  We work according to the Good Practice Guidelines laid down by the UK Network for Mindfulness - Based Teacher Training Organisations.

We have experienced many benefits of mindfulness both in our own lives and professionally.  We work within our own professional contexts, blending mindfulness with professional expertise drawn from our backgrounds in clinical psychology, social work, teaching, youth work, nursing and relationship counselling.  Our aim is to enable wellbeing for all through training packages, workshops and courses which focus on developing skills for individuals, organisations, teams, children and families.  We offer a range of opportunities for development, from drop in classes for individuals to bespoke training packages for organisations.  In addition to our regular events, we are happy to discuss requests for training specific to your needs.