Juliet is an Educational Consultant and is currently working at Durham and Sunderland Universities teaching Pharmacists about Human Factor skills including Empathy and Compassion. She is also Educational Practitioner in Residence at South Tees Foundation Trust, Coaching Doctors and teaching Consultants and Trust Doctors how to train junior doctors, a role she also had for 9 years at Health Education North East.

Her background is in Nursing (General Medical Nurse for 15 years in Newcastle and in Europe). She has a BSc (Hons) Health Science Degree, and is an experienced and qualified adult education trainer, delivering to all levels of capability; a useful mix of clinical and educational experience.
Juliet is a qualified Myers Briggs Personality Trait facilitator exploring individual personalities with the aim of working more effectively within teams. She has experience in leadership training, reflective practice, action planning, mentoring and coaching; she has completed the Mary Seacole NHS North East Leadership Academy Leadership in Healthcare PGC.
Juliet has also recently qualified as a mindfulness, and stress reduction teacher with the Mindfulness Association.Juliet has first-hand experience of the stresses and strains of working within the ever-changing NHS. It was this experience that drew her to Mindfulness about 4 years ago. Having now practiced mindfulness for several years , it has enabled her to tackle her stressors more effectively, build her resilience and make healthy choices for her life. Juliet began to teach mindfulness principles within her training programmes a few years ago, and become qualified to do so last year through the Mindfulness Association in affiliation with Aberdeen University.
Juliet specialises in Human Skills development and is passionate about teaching Resilience and Mindful Stress Reduction to stressed employees / teams who and work within ever changing businesses