Mindfulness Association 1 year training comes to Newcastle

The well regarded and internationally recognised 1 year training in mindfulness offered by the Mindfulness Association is coming to Newcastle. Starting from 24th June this training runs over 4 weekends through the year and provides a wonderful introduction to or consolidation of mindfulness practice. From this grounding it will be possible to go on to train to teach mindfulness to others or to continue on a journey of personal development encompassing teachings in compassion and insight.

  • This course provides an in depth personal practice experience of our Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC).

  • It is ideal for beginners, for those who have previous experience of Mindfulness and who want to develop their practice and for those who wish to go on to train to teach Mindfulness.

  • This course takes place over four weekends spread out over a nine month period and aims to enable participants to establish an effective and regular daily Mindfulness practice so as to help our minds to settle and stabilise. You can pay for and attend weekend one before deciding whether to commit to attending all four weekends.

  • The themes of the four weekends are:

  • Settling the Mind

  • Working with Distraction

  • Self Acceptance

  • The Undercurrent and Observer

  • Completing this course qualifies you for:

  • Mindfulness Level 2: Responding with Compassion

  • Teacher Training

I am honoured to be one of the tutors for this course which costs just £140 per weekend. When I attended my first training with the Mindfulness Association I had practiced Mindfulness previously and had an established career as a Clinical Psychologist. Nevertheless, the experientially-based weekend helped me to connect with a sense that I had never previously experienced of mindfulness from the inside out. As I have continued to practice and train in mindfulness I have found it to be the most personally therapeutic and transformative journey that I have ever experienced.

Mindfulness Association training is unique in that it includes an emphasis in kindness and self-compassion from the very beginning. It is this emphasis that helped to transform my own experience of mindfulness. Beginning a journey with the Mindfulness Association we can also know that there will be ongoing courses and opportunities to continue to practice within a supportive group setting for as long as we want it, with a range of courses and retreats on offer and an online membership and regular monthly online sits.

If you are interested in finding out more about this opportunity why not check out the Level 1 training here http://www.mindfulnessassociation.org/Courses.aspx. Who knows, it could be the best thing you ever did.

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